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  • AVABAG LiTRIC airbag system: electronic, lightweight and reliable
  • Back and features specially tailored to freeriding
  • Versatile: Compatible with all AVABAG LiTRIC FREERIDE S and TOUR S Zip attachments


$1,350.00 Regular Price
$1,249.00Sale Price
  • The future of freeriding: The AVABAG LiTRIC FREERIDE 26 S is an avalanche airbag backpack that has been specially designed for descents. From powder days near the piste to multi-day freeriding trips: Just one BASE can be used to attach various sizes of AVABAG LiTRIC FREERIDE S and TOUR S Zip attachments, each tailored to their intended use: The Zip is designed in such a way that, when combined, the base and the various packs merge to form a single unit.

    Comprising a back element and airbag system, the BASE of the AVABAG LiTRIC FREERIDE 26 S has a specially designed shortened back system for smaller people. Thanks to the CLASP BACK SYSTEM – with soft back pads, wide, flexible hip belt and soft shoulder straps – the versatile, lightweight FREERIDE BASE sits extremely snugly against the back while allowing complete freedom of movement. It is compatible with the CLASP SPINE PROTECTOR (available separately).

    And all of the stowaway bag’s features are exactly tailored to freeriding: Features such as ski, snowboard and ice axe fastenings as well as a helmet holder and quick access to the main compartment leave nothing to be desired. Emergency equipment can be stowed in a separate safety compartment.

    LiTRIC, the electronic airbag system, is lightweight, reliable and easy to use. The electronic system can be fully charged in approx. 25 minutes via USB-C and activation can be tested any number of times at no additional cost. The lack of a cartridge means: more space, no weighing necessary, no cartridge disposal, no travel limitations. The design is clever down to the smallest detail, supercapacitors are used instead of cartridges and the airbag is ultra-lightweight – making the system one of the lightest on the market. And the system is especially easy to use. From charging and the LED display, to the activation handle, to airbag packing and the leg loop: LiTRIC AVABAGS are absolutely intuitive to operate. One charge enables at least two activations. When switched ON its operation time is approx.60 hours, which allows for multi-day tours with no need for recharging. Its operating temperature ranges from -30°C to +45°C.

    All products in the AVABAG LiTRIC FREERIDE line are climate-neutral and PFC-free.


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